The Pros and Cons of the H-2A Program

The H-2A program is basically a work visa that allows local growers and workers to hire immigrants if there aren’t enough people to do a job in the country. The immigrants are often background checked and are willing and able to do most types of labor, and all the business owner has to do is to provide meals and a roof for the new workers.

It has its pros and cons, for everyone involved, and for most owners it alleviates stress. Farmers like that workers who are willing to work hard and work at high quality show up and stay until the job is done. Plus, since the immigrants need the money to support themselves, they aren’t as likely to quit and find a better opportunity. They are willing to take directions and do the job right, and that’s admirable for many workers.

h2a agency

However, the h2a agency does have many requirements, and the employers are responsible for most of the paperwork. A few accidental missing details can lead to lost workers or delay in the approval of the new workforce, and they all have to be paid the adverse effect wage. That wage is higher than the minimum wage, but to counter the increased expenses, employers don’t need to pay taxes on the workers and housing them costs less.

If farmers need good workers and are willing to follow the H-2A rules and guidelines to the letter to avoid fines, then the program is a great way to get more work done and turn a bigger profit. So if farmers find themselves working harder than they need too or leaving crops out in the field, then they might need to look at the immigrant labor force for some much needed and cheap help.